Plain Sliced (flat cut)

The half log or flitch is mounted so that the cut is parallel to the growth rings.  This type of cut produces a cathedral figure.

Half-Round Sliced.

This method of cutting is on an arc roughly parallel to the center of the log.


The log is mounted in a lath and turned against the knife much like unwinding a roll of paper

Rift Cut

Rift cut veneer is produced in various species of Oak.  By cutting at a slight angle off quarter, the flake figure of the medullary rays are avoided.

Quarter Sliced

The log is mounted so that the knife cuts the growth rings a right angles producing a straight grain appearance.

 Plywood below includes various species of wood with different cuts available for purchase at at Toledo Plywood. Any that are not currently in stock can be special ordered (requiring a minimum order of 24 sheets with a lead time for production.)

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Quartered Figured Anigre

Plain Sliced Ash

Half Round Ash

Rotary Ash

Plain Sliced White Ash

Half Round White Ash

Rotary White Ash

Quartered White Ash

Quartered European Beech

Rotary Natural Birch

Rotary Red Birch

Plain Sliced White Birch

Rotary White Birch

Plain Sliced Aromatic Red Cedar

Plain Sliced Cherry

Rotary Cherry

Quartered Cherry

Plain Sliced Red Elm

Plain Sliced African Mahogany

Quartered African Mahogany

Rotary Birdseye Maple

Plain Sliced Natural Maple

Half Round Natural Maple

Rotary Natural Maple

Plain Sliced White Maple

Half Round White Maple

Rotary White Maple

Quartered White Ash

Plain Sliced Red Oak

Rotary Red Oak

Rift Red Oak

Quartered Red Oak

Plain Sliced White Oak

Rotary White Oak

Quartered White Oak

Plain Sliced Pecan

Plain Sliced Clear Pine

Plain Sliced Knotty Pine

Rotary Poplar

Quartered Sapele

Plain Sliced Teak

Plain Sliced Walnut

Quartered Walnut