AC grade plywood is a classification used to describe the quality and appearance of plywood panels. It is a common grade used for interior applications where the visual appearance of the plywood matters, such as furniture, cabinets, and wall paneling. Here’s what AC grade plywood typically entails:

1. **A Grade Face**: The “A” side (also known as the face side) of AC plywood has a smooth, well-sanded surface with minimal defects. It is meant to be the visible side when the plywood is installed. A Grade may have some natural wood variations but should be free from major blemishes like knots, splits, or voids.

2. **C Grade Back**: The “C” side (also known as the back side) is of lower quality compared to the face side. It may have more noticeable defects, such as knots, voids, or patches. However, it should still be structurally sound and suitable for most interior applications.

AC grade plywood strikes a balance between appearance and cost. It provides a good-looking surface while offering a more budget-friendly option compared to higher-grade plywoods like AB or AA. When selecting plywood for a project, it’s essential to consider the intended use and the importance of appearance, as well as the budget constraints, to determine the most suitable grade.

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