Fire Treated Plywood

Fire treated plywood, or “pyroguard”, is a pressure – impregnated treated plywood for enclosed applications. The product is not completely fire proof. It will burn and char with direct exposure to direct flame, but will not continue to support combustion when the heat source is removed. It slows the spread of fire, but does not prevent it. The product is intended for interior use where a high moisture environment is not present.

The required hour rating  by the building code is achieved by the manner in which the product is installed. This will depend upon whether the studs are metal or wood and if wood is treated. The material covering the studs is also a factor in determining the time rating. See your local building inspector for the details.

Toledo Plywood stocks 1/2” & 3/4” thickness in 4′ x 8′ CDX sheets. The CDX grade is an unsanded product which allows knot and open voids subject to the grading rules on either side. It’s usage is structural as opposed to a sanded finished product.

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