Exterior grade plywood is a specially designed type of plywood that is engineered to withstand exposure to the elements and outdoor conditions. It is constructed using strong, waterproof adhesives and high-quality wood veneers, making it highly resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. Exterior plywood is typically made with a weather-resistant glue that provides durability in various weather conditions.

It is commonly used in outdoor construction projects such as roofing, siding, sheathing, and as a substrate for exterior finishes like stucco and siding. The material’s ability to maintain structural integrity and resist deterioration from rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations makes it an ideal choice for applications where exposure to moisture and environmental factors is a concern.

Exterior grade plywood is available in different thicknesses and can be finished with various surface treatments to suit specific project requirements, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for outdoor applications.